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Provision of Professional Psychotherapy, Energy Psychotherapy and Counselling Services in Gloucester, Stroud, Cheltenham and the wider Gloucestershire area. Along with therapy over telephone, Zoom and other internet platforms.

Hello, I’m Bill Dillon and welcome to my website. I am a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Energy Psychotherapist.

Perhaps you are having a casual browse or you may be seeking some help with Counselling / Psychotherapy / Trauma and PTSD / Phobias and Compulsions / Stress Management in Gloucester, Stroud, Cheltenham and Worldwide over Zoom and other Platforms.

Either way I welcome you and hope I can be of some help.

There may be times when something is troubling you, but you are unable to think or work things through on your own.

I can provide a professional and safe environment in which you can speak openly and confidentially about whatever is on your mind. I offer my professional services face to face in my consulting room, or over Zoom and other internet Platforms worldwide.

I am trained to listen to you in a way that can help you recognise the source of your present difficulties, which may be rooted in the past. This process can offer the possibility of long lasting change.

My Professional Qualifications

  • I completed a four year formal training in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF), Kensington, London, and graduated in 2001.
  • I completed a training course at The Centre for Stress Management, Bromley, Kent.
  • I completed a training course in Energy Methods taken from Energy Psychology and Psychotherapy and have integrated energy psychology methods in my psychotherapy practice. I am a registered energy psychotherapy practitioner Just click here to visit "energypsychotherapyworks".
  • I am a Professional Member of FPC (Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling). All the members of the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling have trained and qualified at WPF (London and Nationwide). WPF training is based on psychoanalytic principles and methods and is rigorous. All therapists are required to undergo personal therapy and have supervision throughout their training. Following qualification, therapists are expected to make use of consultation in order to maintain ethical standards of practice.
  • Psychotherapists trained at WPF have a breath of clinical experience and are qualified to practice in-depth work. This provides the opportunity for clients to work through personal difficulties within a professional framework. Professional members have experience of working with adults of different ages, gender, culture and background. Therapists will vary the intensity of the focus of their work according to the needs of each individual client. Therapists aim to practice without discrimination and with respect for diversity.
  • I have completed trainings in Energy Psychology and have begun to integrate the use of Energy Psychology methods into my psychotherapy practice.

I know it is never easy to ask for help of this kind. You do not have to be alone in all of this. I have worked very closely with people in various capacities over the last forty years. I am an experienced Accredited Counsellor and Registered Psychotherapist and have been established in private practice in Gloucester, Stroud and Cheltenham over the last twenty years. I am on a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

My Approach to Therapy

I would like to think that at the heart of my Gloucestershire practice is what Carl Rogers, in his humanistic approach to psychology, referred to the therapist’s ability to treat each individual with "unconditional positive regard". This phrase has helped me appreciate the importance of the uniqueness and individuality of each person and mould my therapeutic approach to each person's individual needs. ONE SIZE does not fit all.

My main theoretical framework is psychodynamic and I draw from a number of sources within psychodynamic parameters in my clinical practice. I am also experienced enough to work with people in solution focused therapy over a short period of time when that is more appropriate.

Over the last few years I have undergone training in Energy Psychology methods and have integrated these ways of working into my practice. Whatever approach I adopt I will endeavour to treat you with gentleness, sensitivity and respect.


The quest within a therapeutic journey is to gain a deeper understanding of "self" and what has influenced our development internally and externally through relationships and ongoing external factors.

The writer and Theologian Leo Joseph Suenens once wrote "I can't change the direction of the wind but I can alter the tilt of my sails".

The therapeutic journey invites us to explore what is within our power to change ('the tilt of our sails’) and how to accept what is outside of our power to change the ('direction of the wind’), and come to terms with the acceptance of that reality. In a therapy, some issues can be resolved, but often a therapy will call on us to face the pain of accepting our powerlessness over some issues and life situations.

The story teller, John Shea, makes the point that “healing can still take place without cure”. This realisation can be very empowering in itself, leading us to a deepening of our self awareness and self acceptance. Facing our pain and the reality of the truth can release us from elements of entrapment which cramp our freedom in reaching our full potential.

What issues can Therapy help with?

I have experience in working with the following issues

Trauma , including PTSD

Work Related Stress

Anger Management


Relationship Problems, including same-sex partnerships



Cultural Difference

Minority Groups

Sexual Identity Issues


Anxiety around Retirement & Major Life Changes

Change of Work Direction

Dependency Issues / Addictions

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of people do you see?

My practice is very varied. I see young people over the age of 18. I see men and women, young and old, married people, single people, people of all races, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations.

Is your counselling / psychotherapy service confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. However there are certain ethical and legal exceptions outlined in the BPC Code of Ethics. These exceptions usually have to do with putting yourself or others in danger and in which case it may be necessary to seek outside help. No action would be taken by me without first discussing it with you in detail. It is very rare that an issue is ever taken outside the confidentiality of the consulting room.

How much does it cost?

My current fee is £60 per 50 minute session. Sessions incorporating Energy Psychology require a longer time, usually 90 minutes. My charge for a 90 minute session is £95

How often would I have to attend?

I usually see people for one 50 / 90 minute session each week.

How long would I have to come to see you?

It varies a lot. Some people find a few sessions helpful to deal with a specific problem. I also see people for open-ended therapy where repetitive problems stem back to childhood and family of origin issues.

Are you the right person for me?

After we've had an initial chat on the phone I usually suggest we meet for one session to see how we get on. If we decide to work together we have a review after 4 sessions.

How does Counselling / Psychotherapy work?

Drawing on my experience and skill I shall aim to be alongside you as you grow in insight, awareness and self understanding. So often, a therapeutic journey of this kind can help in formulating choices and perspectives that maybe you had not considered or even been aware of before. With deepened understanding comes the possibility of new thinking and change.

Many people find that having the time and space to talk about and reflect on their lives, with someone who is trained to listen and interact at this level, and who is not critical and judgemental, is a therapeutic experience in itself.

A skilled psychotherapist and counsellor will listen carefully to what you have to say and this could help you understand how past experiences, worries about the future, or lack of confidence may be affecting your life. Together we can reflect on life events, and explore the way you relate to yourself and others.

A skilled psychotherapist and counsellor will not make decisions for you or give you advise, but will aim to help you make your own choices.


I have three consulting rooms in Gloucestershire:

Central Gloucester GL1, Central Stroud GL5, and Central Cheltenham GL53. All locations are very private and 2/3 minutes walk from the centre.


I charge £60 for a 50 minute session.

Some Energy sessions require more time - 90 minute sessions £95.

Therapy over the Phone

A specified number of sessions over the phone can be arranged for those who prefer to work over the phone, or those who are unable to travel to one of my consulting rooms.

Online Therapy

In addition to working face to face and over the telephone, I offer full provision of online therapy over Zoom and other online platforms. I provide this service WORLDWIDE. Please get in touch if this way of working appeals to you.

Clinical Supervision

I also offer Professional Clinical Supervision to Counsellors, Trainee Counsellors, Care Professionals and Care Organisations. All services are provided face to face in my consulting room or over Zoom and other online platforms.

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